Robert van Hoesel

Technical Founder & Community Builder

Co-founder Crowded & Consently – bootstrapped B2B SaaS businesses.

I am passionate about two things:

Building digital products that are user-friendly, well designed and support other business in achieving their goals, and connecting likeminded people through communities and events.

I'm combining both passions in my current business:

At Crowded we're building a fully modular content-driven community platform. We're a two-person, fully bootstrapped and profitable business. Enterprises, governments and b2b business around the world rely on our platform to build their online communities.

On the side, we're working on Consently – a human-friendly consent popup. We help small businesses and agencies make their website GDPR compliant.

Past experience

In the past I founded and successfully exited two other businesses.

To connect with more creative peers, I launched Young Creators – a community for creative and ambitious students in the Netherlands. The community is now home to over 30.000 members and inspired the start of countless new businesses.

Young Creators is now part of The Next Web / Financial Times.

I an experiment to learn everything there is to e-commerce, a friend and I launched Woodify. We introduced handmade wooden sunglasses to the Dutch market and sold thousands within a few months.

Sold in 2017

Early on in my career I worked as a freelancer where I've had the pleasure to work with and for some amazing brands – their trust created impactful opportunities to develop my skills.

More about me

πŸ‡³πŸ‡± 26 years old, living in Amsterdam.

πŸ‘ΆπŸ» I've been building projects since I was 14 and...

πŸŽ“ Dropped out at 17

🎨 UI Designer

πŸ’» Front-End Developer

πŸ’° Enterprise Sales

πŸ¦„ Wants to do everything, not a specialist

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